Article published in Architectural Review Asia Pacific: ‘The Case for Fiction Architecture’

Simon Sellars, the previous editor or AR, recently invited me to write an article for the magazine, which gave me an opportunity to summarise some of what I have written on this blog since 2009.

Subsequently Sara Lewis has published it on the website Australian Design Review.

Before trawling through this blog, reading this article will give a good summary.

Here is the link:

I welcome comments!

About Fiction Architecture
I am an architect born in 1953 and practising in Melbourne as a partner in Simon and Freda Thornton Architects. I established this blog to develop a theoretical basis for a type of architecture which I call 'fiction architecture', based on imitation, pretence, trickery and playful deception, as an alternative to most 'non-fiction' architecture which may be categorized as clear, honest, sincere and didactic.

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